Top Tracks: The Lunar Year – Backyard Deck

Belwood favourites The Lunar Year are back with their new single ‘Backyard Deck’, taken from their upcoming debut album Herodias out 16th June. While the previously featured ‘Porcelain‘ focussed on the unrelenting pull of love, this new track reflects on long passed memories of youth, but with all the same heartfelt sincerity and enthrallingly passionate delivery. Beginning as an introspective, piano driven track, the song soon builds into a more expansive sound, complete with hazy guitar tones and by far the most compelling, yet understated, drum work I’ve heard all year. ‘Backyard Deck’ shows a new side to the band with its hints of dream pop and indie rock. What makes The Lunar Year so special is the honesty within their music, the sense that the band are revealing to you some fragile and precious part of their souls, making each song feel like a gift.