Top Tracks: Whitehorse – Nighthawks

The latest single from this Canadian duo has all the wickedly addictive pull of the classic psychedelic pop sound. ‘Nighthawks’, taken from their upcoming album Panther In The Dollhouse out 4th August, boasts some stunning melodies. With 60s surf rock reverb, hints of modern electropop, and a chorus with more hooks than a tackle shop, it’s a genre-bending track that’s hard not to love. On paper, all these separate elements are things you would associate with something upbeat and summery, instead it spins them around a slick noir vibe that simply oozes attitude and danger. The end result is a song so certifiably badass that it seduces you a little more with each new listen. One of the most captivating and rewarding listens you’re likely to find right now.

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