Spotlight!: The Claxbys

the claxbysOne of the unwritten rules of being a music lover is to support your local scene. Not only out of principle, knowing that every great band started out at exactly the same point once upon a time, but also because you never know what gems might be hiding away just around the corner. In a world of polished and overproduced indie rock, it’s nice to find a local marvel like The Claxbys who aren’t afraid to go back to the genre’s roots and embrace a “rough around the edges” approach. ‘Just Another Day’ matches some superb bass tones with sharp riffs and skittering drum fills, while ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ has built an indie anthem atop a subtle yet expansive atmosphere that makes the track stand out and worm its way under your skin. ‘Weezer Song (Photograph)’ shows the band at their most raw and features their most complex and emotive drum work, and ‘Alone in the City’ defies it’s lonesome lyricism by being the EP’s most buoyant and exuberant offering. The trouble with trios is that each member needs to meet the same standard, or the whole thing collapses. Thankfully here are three lads who are evenly matched and perfectly prepared to offer up some top-notch classic indie.

Fans of The Libertines, Razorlight, The Kooks and The Strokes should check out their debut EP Osnabruck.