Album Review: Red Kite – Racquet

hi res front final rk racquet 3mbRed Kite – Raquet

Indie Rock | Dream Pop | Art Rock


There’s a bizarre mix of emotions that come with discovering an album that is generally a little rough around the edges, but has some absolutely golden moments. That excitement as you revel in the marvellous potential for future greatness, and the frustration that it’s not quite there yet. That’s my general thought process when it comes to London based band Red Kite. The driving beat of ‘Let Go The Line’, reminding me of The National’s ‘Day I Die’, immediately grabs your attention and tells you that this is a record worth listening to. ‘Take Care Of Your Own’ boasts some fabulous soaring guitar tones; some of the best of the year. ‘Federal Government’ offers some of the album’s most memorable melodies, while ‘If We Buy A Trainset’ takes the record down a heavier path with its dark walls of sound.

While for the most part it’s a solid record, there is still a fair bit of filler, particularly in the second half. The relatively stripped back ‘Kite And Crow’ feels rather empty when set against all the other expansive soundscapes, while the lengthy instrumental ‘Fuzzards’ isn’t quite dynamic enough to warrant being anywhere near 7 minutes long. My biggest gripe with the record however is with its wholly unappealing artwork that does nothing to capture the often vibrant music found within. So long as you don’t judge a book by its cover though, Raquet is well worth a few spins. Whether you’re looking for dense hazy dream pop, bright indie riffs, or atmospheric Americana in the vein of The War On Drugs, there is plenty here to keep you coming back for more.