Album Review: Dog in the Snow – Consume Me

dog in the snowDog in the Snow – Consume Me

Alternative | Electropop


Some people seem born with the ability to create something from nothing; whether it’s a work of art from a few splashes of colour, a friendship from a few simple smiles or, in this case, an album from the sparsest of arrangements. Helen Ganya Brown, under her moniker Dog in the Snow, crafts simplistic beauty centered on her elegant vocals. Each note, each breath, is perfectly measured and precise providing a peerless attention to detail. The delicate grace of the music is nicely juxtaposed by the dark and thoughtful lyricism. ‘Child’ deals with the worries of bringing new life into a broken world, while ‘Mirror’ deals with Helen’s own experiences surrounding being of mixed race. There are many elements at work here that show great promise and hint at something to get excited about in the near future.

The sad truth is however that this debut never leaves you feeling fully satisfied. It’s possible to have too much of a good thing, and while taking a stripped back approach and putting the vocals at the forefront can provide a deeply powerful track, following that formula for a whole album robs it of its power somewhat. Even an album as short as this begins to feel like it’s repeating itself, and it doesn’t leave much capacity for growth or diversity in sound. I’d like to have seen some richer, more expansive moments, or perhaps even a step away from the electronic elements, to flesh out the album, provide a bit of contrast, and diversify a little style-wise. There are more than enough enthralling elements to make you remember the name Dog in the Snow, but not enough to keep you coming back to this particular record. Definitely one to keep an eye on though.