Spotlight!: Peco

pecoWith so many singer/songwriters on the circuit it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. There’s one sure way however to give your music a warm glow of charm, integrity and individuality, something that Irish artist Peco McLoughin has down already; be true to yourself as an artist. Even just a cursory listen to his music shows someone naturally channeling his influences into his own distinct style. The galloping beat and disjointed verses of ‘Self Help – A Beginner’s Guide’ make it a perfect example of Peco’s unique character, while the blues stomp of ‘Harbour Master’ shows him crafting a narrative rich with imagery. ‘Safe Haven’ is a suitably serene folk number, the understated instrumentation of ‘After The Wake’ reminds me of Van Morrison, while ‘Grace Isn’t Easy’ show’s Peco’s ability to turn a phrase at it’s very best. Relatable lines such as “I may not be the best guy to explain to you the way I really feel, but it’s hard for me to separate what’s in my head from what is real” really connect and stay with you, which all singer/songwriters should aspire to do. Peco’s debut EP offers an insightful snapshot of this assured and talented songwriter.

Fans of Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, Neil Young and Laura Marling should check out his debut EP And So I Arrived At The Start out now.