Spotlight!: Lightscape

lightscapeContrary to the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover”, I often find album artworks can make a very important first impression. With even just a passing glance at the cover of their new EP Circles, you can’t help but be drawn to Lightscape’s latest work. An entire world in miniature standing over you, imposing and awe-inspiring, is the perfect metaphor for the music contained within. With fierce riffs, emphatic drum work, and even faint little electronic flourishes, all crowned by Will Overton’s towering melodic vocals, this alt rock quintet from Norwich have crafted an impressive sound. The slow build of ‘By Design’ kicks off the EP in fantastic form, while the anthemic ‘More To Life’ searches for a greater meaning and purpose as it winds its way through some of the record’s heaviest moments. The hard-hitting break-up track ‘Press Rewind’ delivers some passionate vocals, the relatively stripped back slow burner ‘Haven’t Got The Time’ makes a nice change of pace, while the epic ‘Live In Fear’ ends the EP on a high, showing great light and shade and standing out as Lightscape’s best work yet. These lads are on fine form, showing the rest of the country’s alternative scene how it’s done and leaving you wanting more.

Fans of Lonely The Brave, 30 Seconds to Mars and Nothing But Thieves should check out their latest EP Circles out 1st December.