Album Review: Typhoon – Offerings

typhoonTyphoon – Offerings

Indie Rock | Art Rock


Finding an album that really means something to you is a lot like falling in love; you could talk forever about beauty, or endearing quirks, or some profound connection, but the truth is that it’s something that is impossible to explain. Offerings is a measured and cinematic record that feels like a “classic” or “essential” album in a way that no other release in this site’s history has done before. With hints of Suburbs era Arcade Fire in its mature and elegant orchestration, it tells the tale of a man losings his memories, and hence his entire sense of self. I have a deep affinity for concept albums and this hits the sweet spot that very few ever achieve. The songs are more than strong enough to stand up on their own and be engaging hits, but there’s a deeper world underneath for the more curious listeners to delve into and explore for years to come.

‘Rorschach’ and ‘Remember’ are indie hits on par with the best output from the likes of The National or Bon Iver, while ‘Algernon’ spins the album’s most striking songwriting exercise as it portrays the gentle probing of a caring wife as an overwrought interrogation. The angelic vocals on ‘Coverings’ really stand out as a highlight, ‘Darker’ is full of devastating lyrics that hit you for six and leave you wanting them tattooed across your body, while the triumphant cacophony of ‘Ariadne’ provides the album with a powerful climax. Finding this album in my inbox was akin to finding a handful of flawless diamonds in amongst the lint in your pocket, as even down to the striking artwork Offerings is pure class. If you only ever listen to one album featured on Belwood, make it this one, and I urge you to do so as it may be the only way you can truly understand what makes it so astonishing.