Top Tracks: Frank Turner – 1933

One of Britain’s most celebrated modern songwriters is back with one of his most electrifying tracks yet. Frank Turner’s new single ‘1933’, taken from his forthcoming album Be More Kind out 4th May, sees him firing on all cylinders as he sums up the incredulous rage that most people feel towards the recent rise of the far-right. Seething both at the perpetrators and at those willing to stand back and do nothing, this fired up number is packed full of lines even Bob Dylan himself would be proud of. It’s always hard to pick favourites with his lyrics, but the lines “If I was of the greatest generation I’d be pissed, Surveying the world that I built, slipping back into this, I’d be screaming at my grand kids: “We already did this”” hits the nail pretty squarely on the head. If you’re not angry then you’ve not been paying attention, and if you have then you’ll know that this is exactly the song we need right now.