Top Tracks: Canshaker Pi – Put A Record Out

If you’re looking for a song to get you fired up, the kind that ignites a feeling of pure electricity running through your veins, then do I have a treat for you! The latest single from Amsterdam based quartet Canshaker Pi firmly ticks that box. ‘Put A Record Out’, taken from their upcoming sophomore album Naughty Naughty Violence out this May, channels Sonic Youth in their prime, as well as boasting hints of The Damned and Joy Division. These frenetic slacker rock firebrands are equal parts are equal parts rowdy and playful on this track, treading a perfect balance between the raw lo-fi sound of classic alternative rock and the kind of wily little flourishes that give the band a brazen charm that stands out from the crowd. This is a great taster of what one of the best indie acts in mainland Europe can do.