Top Tracks: Native – Don’t Forget Me

Do you ever find yourself doing the “soundtrack test”? You stumble across a song that feels like it should play a part in something important and your mind starts to wander. You imagine how it would fit in your favourite show, you create your own story in your head as you listen to it while watching passers-by. Songs like ‘Don’t Forget Me’ make the dull drudgery of the everyday feel extraordinary, make even the quietest introspective nights seem like part of some greater plan. This track from Swiss artist Native, with its bittersweet vocals, chilled out vibes and dramatic build towards an emotional climax, doesn’t whisk you away from your life to some other place like so many of the songs that tug at our heartstrings. Instead it pulls off a more difficult feat; it makes you feel like right here, right now, is a place worth being and an adventure worth taking.