Top Tracks: River Fury – Jewels Of The City

Radio airplay does its best to wear us down through a war of attrition, hoping that if they play a song often enough that the hook will stay with you. Sometimes it works, but the truth is that a good hook doesn’t need it, after just one listen you’re… well, hooked! The debut single from London based indie pop outfit River Fury does just that, delivering a killer chorus that is sure to leave you wanting more. The band cites a wide range of influences, and I myself hear hints of early Kasier Chiefs in the verses, Matthew and the Atlas in a few of the melodies, and even the lighter side of Coheed and Cambria in the backing vocals. The band are clearly keen listeners, embracing new ideas and sounds and feeding them back into their own music. In doing so they have crafted a debut single that carries universal appeal and an infectious positive energy. It’s one hell of a first impression and I look forward to seeing where their music goes next.