Top Tracks: Dessie Magee – Bandit

With a voice so gritty as to wear down your defences and warm even the coldest of hearts, Irish singer/songwriter Dessie Magee leaves a lasting impression with his new track ‘Bandit’. From its gentle acoustic origins it soon builds towards a cathartic climax that reminds me of Seafret’s ‘Oceans’. Yet even as the track expands layer by layer, delving beyond its folk beginnings into a more rock orientated release, Dessie’s unique vocals remain the finest instrument on display. Tackling the important subject of mental health, and how we’re pressured into keeping our pain bottled up to fester within by society, makes ‘Bandit’ all the more compelling. Any song that shares such an important message is worth sharing, but when a performance is as powerful as this, where you can feel an artist pour their very soul into their work, you know you have something special that needs to be heard.