Top Tracks: Matthew Gordon Price – Vixen Queen

Songs like ‘Vixen Queen’ are special in many ways, but perhaps the most telling of all for me is the sense of wanderlust that they ignite. Listening to this new single from alt folk troubadour Matthew Gordon Price, taken from his new EP Rivalry, I can’t help but picture hiking with friends along some woodland trail, not a care in the world about the destination, just revelling in the journey as the sun streams through the canopy. It’s the kind of song that inspires adventure and leaves you longing to leave your old life behind in search of new frontiers. ‘Vixen Queen’ has a timeless feel that is sure to warm your heart. Bringing together the rustic charm of The Felice Brothers, the lush instrumentation of First Aid Kit, and the passionate vocals of Glen Hansard, Matthew’s sublime new single is one adventure that is not to be missed.