Album Review: The Amazing – In Transit

the amazingThe Amazing – In Transit

Indie Rock | Dream Pop | Alternative Rock


The sublime bittersweet soundscapes that this Swedish band conjures are truly something to behold. Many bands are like coral reefs; a flash of colour, a crash of waves, but no real depth to it, whereas The Amazing are like the vast open ocean; you could spend a lifetime exploring it all but still find reassurance in knowing that even in the darkest reaches there is still light and life to be found. Ambulance made a lasting impression on me, and is a record that I return to and share at every opportunity, and In Transit has many standout moments that speak to me in much the same way. The bright and airy melodies of ‘For No One’ feel like it could bring even the most troubled mind bliss and inner peace, and the expressive drum work on ‘Never Be’ is simply exemplary.

The chaotic coda of the lengthy ‘Benson se Convirtio Completamente Furiosa’ is more than worth the wait. It reminds me of Funkadelic’s ‘Maggot Brain’, and stands out as one of the affecting sections of music I’ve heard in years. In Transit as a whole however is not without its flaws. The record is far too long, and compared to its predecessor it feels a lot less cohesive and immediate, needing many more listens to really get the full effect. Ambulance would still be my first port of call when recommending the band, but this is certainly a worthy follow-up. Think of it perhaps as your favourite cracked mug, or a cherished teddy bear that has seen better days; it isn’t perfect but it makes up for it by feeling deeply personal and holding a deep sentimental value. Most of all though, it is unique. The Amazing sound unlike anyone else, and while In Transit sees them expand their already immense soundscapes into new territories, it still carries that same inexplicable quality that makes them worth returning to again and again.