Top Tracks: RIVVRS – Let It Die

Mark my words, listening to just this one track is all you need to be completely sold on RIVVRS. Pressing play on ‘Let It Die’, the latest single from forthcoming album Cosmic Dream, is like a tall dark stranger walking into town in the wild west, with an air of mystique and the road-hardened stare of a man who’s seen too much. A track about knowing when to cut loose those who are dragging you down, and not dwelling on those who messed you around whom you’d be better off without, ‘Let It Die’ shares its potent and relatable message with such superb charm and character. With its heavy stomp, understated bluesy riffs, and those suave gritty vocals, this new song from Californian native Brandon Zahursky is a timeless slice of Americana that is not to be missed.