Top Tracks: Leon + the Fantastic – Grieving Friend of a Superman

Right from the off ‘Grieving Friend of a Superman’ offers hints of Bowie’s Blackstar. From the world-weary vocals and cryptic lyrics, to the retro synths and bizarre little nuances, this track from Leon’s forthcoming EP Let Me Cool (out 18th May) deals equally in both the foreign and the familiar. Odd enough to feel exciting and new, but maintaining convention just enough to keep you feeling at home in your new surreal surroundings. The stop motion video for the song, featuring an astronaut losing his grip on reality and suffering hallucinations in deep space, is one of the most fascinating videos of recent years. The real star of the show however is the captivating drum work, constantly pulling you in deeper and feeling like the lead instrument in a way that few acts ever manage to. “Fantastic” is a hard moniker to live up to, but on this track Leon and the band pull it off.