Top Tracks: Brightwood Patriarch – Bow + Arrow

One of the best ways to discover new music in recent years has been through TV. Sometimes the most unassuming of shows can be harbouring hidden gems from up-and-coming artists. Soundtracks can make or break a scene, and this new song from New York band Brightwood Patriarch is perfect for the small screen. The introspective Americana of ‘Bow + Arrow’, from its pensive verses and anthemic chorus, to its fuzzy blues solo and closing refrain of “it’s not your fault”, is like an award-winning drama in and of itself. While we wait for TV producers to discover this gem, we’re lucky enough to experience the song on our own terms, and make our everyday lives seem that bit more cinematic and noteworthy. ‘Bow+ Arrow’ is the kind of song you listen to while staring out the window that makes you feel like you’re playing an important role, and that each challenge you face is just a part of a greater plan.