Top Tracks: Deep.Sleep – Orange English Sun

We hear a lot about musical trends, but not so much about lyrical trends. I certainly feel however that there’s been a rise in nostalgia driven songs that recall the adventures, and misadventures, of youth. Most of these however deal with a longing for those days gone by, and lament at how soon things seem to change around us. The new single from Newcastle based indie pop quartet Deep.Sleep bucks the curve by simply revelling in the good times. Instead of bemoaning the fact that these happy memories are stuck in the past, ‘Orange English Sun’ carries the simple yet potent message that we should take heart in having been fortunate enough to have those experiences in the first place. The endearing and innocent lyricism, paired with the effervescent riffs and skittering drums, makes this love letter to youth the perfect summer anthem for anyone still young at heart.