Spotlight!: NothingAboutME

nothingaboutmeYou’d be amazed how many electronic artists I end up turning away, citing that the genre is not my cup of tea. But no matter how rare, rules always have exceptions. London based duo NothingAboutME are the latest electronic act to have caught me off-guard with their debut EP Inertia. Around the airy vocals of ‘Bluebell’, the electronics and guitar effects ripple like the surface of a lake in slow motion, while ‘Summer’s Rain’ contrasts the sparse expansive verses with the droning guitar of the chorus to offer real light and shade. The title track boasts some understated bass lines and subtle R&B vibes in its electronic flourishes, placing as much emphasis on the notes the band doesn’t play as the ones that they do, and the tripped out ‘That’s for You’ is like the peaceful sound of life underwater in some secluded tropical lagoon. Sarah Stanton and Joe Dworniak walk a fine line between experimental and accessible with this release, bringing a vast range of influences to bear beneath the banner of Sarah’s crystalline vocals and Joe’s immaculate production. If this EP is enough to lure in a serial electronica doubter such as myself then you know it must be good!

NothingAboutME’s debut EP Inertia is out now and is a must for fans of James Blake, Behaving, Daughter and The XX.