Top Tracks: Gen Z – Generation Z

Channelling hints of Fleetwood Mac, Ryan Adams and The War On Drugs, this new track from LA trio Gen Z is essential listening for thoughtful late night drives. Though it’s the rich and inviting guitar tone that keeps ‘Generation Z’ grounded, it’s the airy, bittersweet atmosphere and introspective lyricism that makes the song so special. Reflecting on the pitfalls of modern life and the haunting hollowness of youth, this track is an anthem for the lost and confused in search of meaning. This song teaches you to revel in the little things, to bask in the minor triumphs in this messed up world to keep from losing your way. ‘Generation Z’ is the sound of a lonely winding road; you’re not sure what’s awaiting you around the bend, instead you just have to take solace in the small victory of simply moving forward.