Top Tracks: ABQ – Takes So Long

Sometimes a song manages to do the impossible. Some tracks can draw from opposite ends of the spectrum and combine styles that seem otherwise incompatible. Some pieces of music can be both gentle and heavy, happy yet sad, in a way that is difficult to put into words. ‘Takes So Long’, the debut single from Belfast quartet ABQ, manages to be both a raw and honest rock powerhouse as well as a sing-along pop anthem. The distinctive vocals carry such passion, equally suited to both the soaring optimism of the verses and the gritty realism in the closing calls of “it takes so long”. The slick, cinematic video shows the band create inviting festival-ready melodies, albeit with a deeper tension bubbling away beneath. The song serves as a great mission statement of what ABQ are capable of. It’s an assured start that keeps you on your toes as to what to expect next from this promising 4-piece.