Top Tracks: Valley Maker – A Couple Days

If you could capture the sensation of daydreaming in a single song, this would be it. Mixing introspective indie with a dash of Americana, this latest track from Seattle based singer/songwriter Austin Crane, aka Valley Maker, carries a subdued yet cinematic feel. Taken from his forthcoming album Rhododendron out 12th October, ‘A Couple Days’ recalls the likes of Manchester Orchestra and The Amazing. Setting the perfect mood for the indrawn autumn nights that will soon be upon us, it carries a soft spoken melancholy that is tinged with a faint glimmer of hope. This song feels like taking an evening road trip when life gets a bit too much. Like leaving the world behind for a while and retreating to a quiet space, all the while chasing the last slivers of the fading sun on the horizon.