Top Tracks: Vulgarians – Dead People Are Easier To Love

This latest track from Hull’s up and coming post-punk powerhouse is just the song you need to get you feeling fired up. ‘Dead People Are Easier To Love’ feels as though ‘Eric’s Trip’ by Sonic Youth has been pushed to absolute breaking point. The fact that it was written a mere matter of hours before being recorded only goes part way in explaining the sense of spontaneity and urgency found here. The tortured guitar tones and wild frantic vocals create just the most glorious chaos you could ask for. The rock solid bass line keeps the whole thing grounded, and the polished and stylish synths that weave their way through the song contrast wonderfully with all the anarchic elements in the foreground all vying for your attention. Post-punk has seen a real resurgence in recent years, and Vulgarians have provided us with one of the finer examples with their unbridled new single.