Top Tracks: TesseracT – Juno

Though indie and folk usually make up most of the site, there are times we crave something a bit more ambitious and imposing. What better way to fulfil that need than with the latest single from TesseracT. Taken from their acclaimed new album Sonder, ‘Juno’ shows the bands incredible aptitude for both immense earth-shaking riffs and intricate technical wizardry. Daniel Tompkins’ vocals really shine here, weaving wonderful melodies into the track while still maintaining just enough aggression to get your blood pumping. Having the band stood beside raging suns in the accompanying video is the perfect metaphor to capture the scale and power of ‘Juno’. This track really stands out as some of their best work to date, and with this latest record the band have ascended to become one of the foremost progressive acts in the world right now.