Top Tracks: Equador – Treble Oh

Sometimes a song has so much going on that you’re not quite sure what part of it finally tipped the scale and made you start loving it. Take ‘Treble Oh’, taken from Equador’s new EP Tribal War out 17th November. What was it that won me over? Was it the haunting vocals, the sharp punchy percussion, the tasteful electronic flourishes, the spectacular bass tone or the delicate piano notes that fall like raindrops. I don’t know what the tipping point is, but trust me when I say it is inevitable. It’s much the same story with the music video. From its setting in an abandoned building and the stunning cinematography, to the colourful camera effects and flashes of sketch art. Each element explored in greater depth could have made a great video in their own right, but on this track they instead all come together to create some of the best visuals I’ve seen all year.