Top Tracks: Mr. Goshness – The Big Ego

Truth be told “Gosh” isn’t really in my vernacular, but if it was it would do a great job of summing up my feelings towards ‘The Big Ego’. Taken from their forthcoming album Beyond The Blue, Mr. Goshness have delivered a stone cold stunner with this new single. There are flashes of Rush and The Dear Hunter (my two favourite bands) in the song’s impeccable production, impressive percussion and riffs so slick and intricate they can turn on a sixpence. What sets it apart however is the dash of pop punk thrown into the mix. Not too much as to steal the spotlight, rather just enough to offer the track some youthful exuberance, vibrant colour and heaps of confidence. This progressive pop powerhouse leaves me wondering: do I love it because of the parts that feel familiar, or the parts that feel unique and refreshing? I suppose I’ll just have to listen to it on repeat until I figure out the answer.

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