Top Tracks: Hayes & Y – Blue

Thirty seconds. That’s all you need to fall in love with this track. In that time you have an opening beat that just screams ‘Billie Jean’, riffs reminiscent of The Black Keys, and plenty of that irresistible funk feel. If you’re a fan of Nile Rodgers (like any sane individual with functioning ears) then this track is right up your street. This Manchester based international outfit have drawn on every trick in the book to make ‘Blue’ an inescapable earworm. There is however an interesting juxtaposition at work between the infectious groove and the dispirited lyricism that weaves a tale of loneliness. You’d think the two would clash, that “getting down” and “feeling down” are two very different things. Instead it helps it stand out from the crowd by tugging at your heartstrings as well as relentlessly luring you to the dancefloor.