Top Tracks: Andrew Leahey – Airwaves

Americana and nostalgia are always a winning combination, you need look no further than this track for proof. ‘Airwaves’ is a layered love letter to the days when radio ruled the world, the days when the M in MTV stood for music and not miscellaneous. It’s a celebration of the sounds that became an important foundation for so many people growing up, and a sad reflection on how future generations will never know what they’re missing out on. More than that, it’s a view into a more personal connection with the music. Singer/songwriter Andrew Leahey underwent an operation that risked not only his hearing, but his life. An experience like that is sure to make someone appreciate the little things in life all the more, like hearing a song on the radio that just awakens something inside you. ‘Airwaves’ is a message: take it from someone in the know, seize the day and cherish the music that made you.