Top Tracks: Distant Days – Wrap Your Arms Around The Light

The latest track from Swedish band Distant Days plays like a nights sleep. Its softer moments drift by like a dream, notes falling soft like snowflakes in the magical winters you remember from your youth. The sweeping strings and gorgeous piano offer such a comforting atmosphere, like the song is an old lullaby half remembered from childhood. In the darker moments however the song takes a more sinister turn, as the dream shifts into more nightmarish territory. It offers an unsettling edge which keeps you guessing as you wait for the sweetness to return, and it just makes it feel all the more rewarding when it does. There’s just something heartwarmingly familiar about this song as a whole that I can’t quite put my finger on. ‘Wrap Your Arms Around The Light’ may wear its influences on its sleeve, recalling the likes of Nick Cave, Lou Reed and David Bowie, but it wears them well and does them justice.