Top Tracks: Looms – Eclipse

Nailing that dreamy bittersweet atmosphere can be tricky, but not for Brooklyn band Looms. On this new single from their forthcoming album The Way Up they make it seem almost effortless. ‘Eclipse’, so named as it was written on a rooftop in the middle of one, is equal parts sad and sanguine, with the latter owing much to the vibrant guitar work of Wilco’s Nels Cline. Written post break-up it feels as much of a celebration of what once was, as it does a lament at the fact that it’s no longer there. Part of the song’s bittersweet charm is in how you can approach it from either perspective; as a warm smile with sadness behind the eyes, or the first rays of hope blooming in someone feeling downtrodden. It can empathise or it can energise, that part is down to you, just listen and see where it leads you.