Top Tracks: REN – Blue Hounds

Belwood favourite REN is back with a brand new track, and my, ‘Blue Hounds’ is a curious one! There’s a real dichotomy at work here between the music and lyrics which on paper shouldn’t work, but in practice REN has pulled it off with real panache. Musically it is an example of introspective folk at it’s finest. A track in the same vein as Nick Drake that just makes you want to stare off into the distance, feel the breeze across your skin, and wonder what it all means. Lyrically however, it’s a politically minded rally cry. Inspired by Britain’s ongoing political clusterfuck, it takes careful aim at the government’s failings, as well as the darker fringes it’s been encouraging, and shares a call to stand firm against those that put themselves above the people. Each of these things, the airy folk vibe and scathing political commentary, are difficult enough tasks on their own, but to nail both as well as ‘Blue Hounds’ does is a real feat of songwriting.