Top Tracks: JACQ – Oblivion

How would you face your end? If you were staring down the barrel of the end of everything you know, what would be going through your mind? It’s a pretty dark and unique focus in terms of songwriting, and Rich Jacques brings it to life in this introspective new solo track inspired by 2018’s false missile alert in Hawaii. When faced with the eponymous oblivion, JACQ reacts here with admirable tranquility, taking time to savour those final moments instead of spending them in fear of the unknown. Indeed, it turns a terrifying situation into a dreamy love ballad. Revelling in the fact that not a single moment is wasted when it’s spend with someone you love, embracing death with no regrets and leaving this world thinking of the one who holds your heart. It’s such a profoundly powerful message and JACQ delivers it beautifully.