Top Tracks: Mesadorm – When She’s In That Mood

Here is a track that revels in the two most powerful forces known to man: love, and nature herself. Recorded in Eype Church in Bridport, this stunning single is about as elegant and entrancing as they come. Inspired by the English coastline, and a love affair as tumultuous as the waves crashing upon the shore, this classically inspired track carries a profound ageless quality. ‘When She’s In That Mood’, taken from Mesadorm’s forthcoming album Epicadus out 19th April, talks of a love as wild, as unpredictable, and as all-consuming as the ocean itself. To look out from the coast at the endless untameable sea before you, small and powerless to its whim, is what it is to surrender your heart to someone completely. It can so easily sweep you away, but its call remains inescapable.