Top Tracks: Elliah Heifetz – I’m Over Now

I find I’m the kind of person that resists change. The kind that clings on to the fading summer and laments all the missed opportunities in the face of autumn’s arrival. But as much as we may try to deny it, change is a natural part of life. Whether it’s the shifting seasons or the collapse of a relationship, things have to end in order for something new to begin. It’s only when a tree falls in the forest that new life has chance to reach for the sunlight. Singer/songwriter Elliah Heifetz understands this better than most, and his new track ‘I’m Over Now’ paints heartbreak not as something to drag you down, but as something to build upon, to learn from, and become a better person. With warm melodies tinged with sadness like those fading summer days, this cathartic track shares a mature and moving view on heartbreak that we can all stand to learn from.