Album Review: Scott Lloyd – Scott Lloyd

scott lloydScott Lloyd – Scott Lloyd

Folk | Indie Rock


Sometimes genres can be hard to define and pin down, and there’s a case to be made that the label of singer/songwriter is the worst culprit. Like what does it even mean? What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear those words? If it’s someone that can weave an honest and heartfelt story with just their voice and an acoustic guitar, then Scott can fill that role with ease. Whether in the nostalgia soaked ‘Looking Out To Sea’, or the childlike innocence that radiates from ‘Caught In The Rain’, his storytelling just feels so natural and effortless. However, it is in the moments where he expands his sound and pushes against the common conception of what we might call a singer/songwriter that he begins to set this record apart. Blending indie aesthetics with his strong command of lyricism and melody at their core, these fleshed out numbers offer a more varied musical palette while still keeping Scott as the focus.

‘Save My Soul’ wins you over straight away with it’s bright, positive vibes and charming lead riff, ‘To Lose Someone’ keeps the momentum going with its strong rhythm section, while ‘My Peace’ ends the record on a high note with a delightful (albeit brief) little solo. It is ‘Living In The Dark’ that impresses me most however with its expressive bass tones and a dash of brass that wouldn’t sound amiss in the soundtrack of some noir detective movie. Sure, this debut hardly rips up the rule book, but it is refreshing to hear a new artist create a record that manages to be both concise and eclectic, while still forming a collection of songs that feel like they belong together. The indie and folk influences are balanced impeccably. Scott has taken a big step forward for his first album to my mind it is a rousing success.