Album Review: Bear’s Den – So That You Might Hear Me

Bears-DenBear’s Den – So That You Might Hear Me

Indie Rock | Folk | Synthpop


They say practice makes perfect, so it stands to reason that bands consistently get better as time goes by, right? In reality things are much more complicated, there are a lot more variables to consider. A lot more unpredictable ups and downs to contend with. Which only serves to make those bands that do seem invariably on the rise all the more precious. Bear’s Den seem to have secured their upward trajectory with their third album, made clear right from the off with ‘Hiding Bottles’. Building on a folk intro with lush synths, soaring riffs and shimmering melodies, it feels a culmination of all their work thus far. Besides this standout track however, the rest of the album is surprisingly consistent, proving to be a much more purposeful and cohesive offering than their previous records.

So That You Might Hear Me further develops the band’s sound, using the winning formula of Red Earth & Pouring Rain as a strong foundation to build upon. ‘Fuel On The Fire’ adds a dash of electronica into the mix, while the jaunty vibe of ‘Conversations With Ghosts’ and the triumphant brass on ‘Evangeline’ offer a truly uplifting end to the album. Musically the tracks in the centre of the record do sadly blend into each other a bit too much on casual listens, but delve a bit deeper and you’ll find these tracks host the best lyrics to make up for it. The band’s lyricism as a whole has matured no end for this record, but you’ll find no finer example than the epitaph for a lost father figure on ‘Crow’. Though not as immediate as their previous work, So That You Might Hear Me really grows on you. It’s perhaps not as big of a step up as I was expecting, but the progress is definitely clear to see, and still leaves room for them to rise further.