Top Tracks: Holly Henderson – Loneliness

Tackling the ever-present paradox of modern times, of being “more connected than ever, and at the same time, totally alone”, the new single from Holly Henderson calls out for freedom from a prison of our own design. With this track from her forthcoming debut album Monday Green, out 7th June, she offers her view on how we are all just a tap of a button away from each other, but have allowed ourselves to lose touch of the personal, physical connection that gives it all purpose. How we’ve become so fascinated with maintaining a glossy internet alter-ego but get nothing tangible or meaningful in return. Though it is a feeling that is often depicted as being cold and empty, Holly’s take on ‘Loneliness’ breaks the mould with its fiery, unbridled energy. With fierce riffs, propulsive percussion, a dash of psychedlica, and Holly’s passionate vocals, ‘Loneliness’ has no trouble smashing down barriers to make a deep connection.