Top Tracks: Jordan Mackampa – Parachutes

With ‘Parachutes’ soulful singer/songwriter Jordan Mackampa further proves himself to be one of the most compassionate and empathetic songwriters to emerge in recent years. His revelatory lyricism shows such a keen understanding for people’s emotions and struggles; his words cutting right to the heart of the issue and opening up your eyes, his reassuring vocals easing you in to self reflection. He’s an artist as attuned to thinking as he is to feeling. That really comes to the fore with his new single, which deals with people who aren’t who they pretend to be, and its video which takes an unflinching look at domestic abuse. Some people mistake love, kindness and patience for weakness and are all too keen to take advantage, but everyone has a breaking point at which they don’t want to be hurt anymore. It takes real courage to stand up and say you no longer want to be stuck giving more love than you receive in return. Jordan’s considerate and understanding approach to songwriting is a real breath of fresh air. He’s the kind of artist that the world needs more of, and I look forward to seeing him continue to go from strength to strength.