Top Tracks: Zac Pajak – Retrograde

They say that sometimes less is more, but that’s usually the exception to the rule. In most cases, more is more. I often hear songs with simple, stripped back arrangements that just feel like there’s something missing. Sparse acoustic tracks that seem like they had a fuller sound at one point and have been stripped down to the bare essentials. ‘Retrograde’ doesn’t feel that way; there’s nothing missing here, no working backwards to make it more empty and quiet, instead it seems to have emerged fully formed and ready to win your heart. Scarcely more than soft acoustic guitar, some understated electronics and some wonderfully soulful and radio-friendly vocals, this new track from London based singer/songwriter Zac Pajak is greater than the sum of its parts. All about letting go and trusting that things will work out in the end, it makes sense that ‘Retrograde’ does such a great job of basking in the calm and the quiet. It is simple but surprisingly satisfying, the exception that proves the rule. It’s like a single candle that’s somehow able to keep the whole room bright and aglow.