Top Tracks: Raye Zaragoza – Fight Like A Girl

I think we’ve seen enough misery and suffering in 2020 to last a lifetime. What we could all do with right now is something to restore our faith in humanity. Spirited singer/songwriter Raye Zaragoza has provided in our hour of need with her empowering feminist anthem ‘Fight Like A Girl’. While the song itself has an irresistible charm; an enchanting concoction of heartwarming brass, soulful vocals, passionate lyricism and vibrant folk melodies; it’s the visuals that really take the track to a whole other level. A magnificent collage of inspiring women of all faiths, ages and backgrounds coming together to show that a better world is possible. You see moments of child-like innocence, strong women standing up to let their voice be heard, and a myriad of gorgeous displays of artistic expression. There’s all kinds of vibrant snapshots of diverse cultures to shine a light on incredible women living their best lives all across the globe. There’s a truly uplifting energy to ‘Fight Like A Girl’. The winning combination of the warm and welcoming music with the empowering visuals make for exactly the kind of life-affirming experience we all need.