Top Tracks: Evening Hymns – Pyrenees

Some songs act as time capsules for the moment they were written. Every time you press play you get a picture of the surroundings where inspiration struck, and for a fleeting moment feel just what was running through the artist’s mind. Composed atop the eponymous mountain range, ‘Pyrenees’ was born of songwriter Jonas Bonnetta having a moment of rest and reflection alone after time spent on the road and finding catharsis in creation. All that comes across in the very essence of this latest single from Evening Hymns’ new album Heavy Nights (out 26th June). In how it’s lavish and hazy arrangement feels like standing on top of the world looking down on all the hustle and bustle below, and in how this slow burner simply crackles with pent up energy. The stunning addition of Destroyer saxophonist Joseph Shabason just lights up the song like a flash of lightning amongst rolling storm clouds. With the dreamy Americana of The War On Drugs, the multifaceted grandeur of Bon Iver and a sophisticated retro pop feel akin to Bruce Hornsby, ‘Pyrenees’ is simply marvellous from start to finish.