Top Tracks: Tali Shear – Fool

I’d like to think my words offer something more than just a shout into the void. For the most part the whole point of the blog is to spread the word about great music that may otherwise pass people by. Great music doesn’t just appear out of thin air however, it takes an artist years of work to hone their craft, and it needs an audience willing to nurture them and help them grow. It’s one thing to listen to a song for what it is, but sometimes you have to listen and think where it can lead, to hear the promise and potential of what the future may hold. That’s what I hear in ‘Fool’. Sure, the arrangement is a little sparse and the production isn’t the most polished – hurdles that all new artists just starting out must overcome – but despite this Tali Shear’s talent is clear as day. On this gorgeous break-up ballad the London based singer/songwriter addresses the feeling of falling for someone, putting your trust and faith in them, only to be left feeling hurt and lost when they make it clear they don’t feel the same way. The openness and vulnerability in Tali’s songwriting feels raw and striking, her soulful and expressive vocals equal parts passionate and pensive. Hopefully these words reach someone who hears what I hear: an immensely talented rising star on the cusp on brilliance, an artist that they’re keen to encourage and eager to hear grow.