Top Tracks: Callum Pitt – Fault Lines

There is far more that unites us than divides us, though sadly it seems there are plenty of people who would have you believe otherwise. People who get off on stoking division and inciting rampant ignorance. Politicians and tabloids demonising immigrants and the less fortunate, letting the foul plague of prejudice sweep society, either to serve their own agendas or simply as there’s a cold festering void where their heart should be. At times the hateful clamouring rings so loud that basic human empathy is made to seem completely alien, and you begin to wonder if there’s any compassion and understanding left in the world. Thankfully tracks like the indie folk splendour of ‘Fault Lines’ serve as a reminder that there are other frustrated people out there, with open hearts and open minds, who are more inclined to build bridges than throw up walls. With lines like “We rise and fall under the weight of words that fan the flames of hatred, When we demonise we form a mind that will not be persuaded”, Callum Pitt perfectly captures the uphill battle we face in order to erode years of discrimination and division through discourse and education. With Callum’s discerning lyricism delivered alongside infectious melodies, a driven rhythm section and fantastic guitar work reminiscent of The War On Drugs, it’s just the track to turn to when you need convincing that a better world is waiting just over the horizon.