Top Tracks: Kane Miller – Kings and Queens

Life in lockdown has resulted in a new-found appreciation for so many things that I’d have otherwise taken for granted, chief among them being the great outdoors. Growing up in the countryside has often left me feeling detached from the world, stuck in a quiet forgotten corner, and subsequently drawn in by the allure of action and excitement offered by the big city. But with so many friends trapped in cramped apartments on dreary grey streets, I’ve seen the rolling fields around me in a new light. It doesn’t always take something as drastic as a pandemic however to come to such a realisation, sometimes all it takes is some time away to realise what you’re missing. That’s the exact epiphany Canadian singer/songwriter Kane Miller describes in his new single ‘Kings and Queens’. Going from small town life to living and working in the hustle and bustle of Toronto left Miller longing to escape the rat race and experience the open air again. The buoyant folk pop of ‘Kings and Queens’ perfectly captures the overlooked charm of country life. The dreamy harmonies drifting by like leaves in the breeze, the warm melodies like sunlight shimmering upon the lake, and it’s jaunty joyful arrangement and carefree atmosphere a million miles removed from the stresses and struggles of city life.