Spotlight!: BE GOOD

be goodThere’s something strangely compelling about those few hours where the late afternoon fades into the early evening. In that bewitching liminal space between night and day, we see so much change in such a short space of time, evoking a wide array of different feelings. The warm glow of golden hour that can make even the most mundane and dreary setting feel magical. The way the sunset bathes the sky in colour like an impressionist painting; a vibrant canvas of pinks and oranges that you can’t help but stare up at with a sense of childlike wonder. The eerie blue haze of dusk as those last lingering rays of sunlight cling on as darkness seeps into the sky. Oxford quartet BE GOOD condense the bittersweet beauty inherent in each sunset into their latest EP Everything’s Alright in the Evening.

Like the shifting palette of the late afternoon skyline, their EP feels varied and vibrant. The release weaves together dreamy synths, hypnotic electronics, understated grooves and plenty of gorgeous melodies. All while the lyrics tell their own tale of rapid change about the aftermath of a breakup; the pain of saying goodbye tempered by still clinging on the happy memories. The stunning cinematic synths of opening track ‘Young Strangers’ starts the record on a high, and leaves you instantly enamoured with its engrossing soundscape and relatable lyricism. ‘Sickie’ meanwhile is a bit more of a slow burner, the superb bass groove building to a choral climax that throws a tantalising hint of gospel into the mix. ‘Cathy’ delivers a sparse jazzy atmosphere punctuated with a chorus of bright riffs, the blissful dance beat and addictive hook of ‘Dark Glasses’ offer up charming chilled-out vibes, while ‘Torch Song’ juxtaposes a welcoming glow reminiscent of the golden age of singer/songwriters with the soft aloof patter of its electronic beat. No matter how many countless sunsets we see in our time on this Earth, they always manage to have this bewitching hold over us, and with this release BE GOOD manage to leave me equally enthralled.

Fans of HONNE, The Japanese House, and The Paper Kites should check out BE GOOD’s new EP Everything’s Alright in the Evening.