Spotlight!: Jenny Kern

At this point it’s become easy to take these last couple of years for granted. We resign ourselves to keeping busy and trying to maintain routines without stopping to take stock of just how much strain we’ve been under. All the cracks in our psyche that have deepened, and the fresh ones that have formed, thanks to all the isolation and uncertainty. It becomes this scared little whisper in the void that we ourselves refuse to even acknowledge, never mind share with others. With her debut EP I Never Thought That You Were Listening, Canadian born singer/songwriter Jenny Kern superbly expresses the sense of solitude and deafening silence that we’ve all been facing; capturing the zeitgeist of the new normal and the lessons we can take forward from it. What’s more this Belwood favourite adorns her introspection with such cinematic synthscapes and mesmerising melodies. Evoking the eerie glow of city streets in the still of night, it paints the perfect expanse for Jenny’s poignant musings to echo against.

A break-up ballad on the surface, ‘Run’ is more the tale of learning to trust in yourself. Being patient and forgiving with yourself when times get tough, having faith that you’re strong enough to see the other side, and knowing you’re the one that’s got you through all your darkest days thus far. In a moment of stillness, when our thoughts inevitably turn to our purpose and place in the world, ‘Where Did The Time Go’ reflects on how our our own anxieties and society’s expectations hold us back. Pondering on the paths you’ve barred for yourself, and all of the missed chances that have passed by (“No I can’t do stupid things, Cause I’m too old I think, Am I past the age of mistakes, Or can I misbehave“). ‘Coming Back For Me‘ contends with the notion that solitude can provide important opportunities for growth and self-reflection, while stunning slow-burner ‘Alone’ shows the opposite end of the spectrum, how hopeless things can seem when it feels like no one is listening. With an EP this raw and relatable, wrapped up in such dreamy soundscapes, it’s hard not to listen and be moved by it. 

Fans of The Paper Kites, Billie Marten and RY X should check out Jenny Kern’s debut EP I Never Thought That You Were Listening out now