Top Tracks: Leo – Doctor

It can be hard to admit, both to yourself and others, when things are getting bad. You tell yourself that you’re on top of it when in reality you’re barely holding on treading water. You throw up walls and refuse help as it feels like admitting defeat, but deep down there’s a quiet little voice calling out for rescue. The thing about holding on is that everything is alright, right up until the moment that it’s not. Once you lose that tenuous grip it’s a long way to fall. With their debut single ‘Doctor’, Melbourne based artist Leo explores walking that razor’s edge with regards to anxiety, and how difficult it can be to accept help. How attaching definitions and putting labels on that nebulous mass you’ve been pushing down for so long makes it feel more real and harder to escape. It’s easier to live in ignorant bliss than feel like someone’s project to fix up, but the hardest things in life are often the most important choices we have to make. Leo’s delicate haunting vocals and visceral unflinching lyricism remind me deeply of Julien Baker at her very best, and I adore the track’s slow burn towards a tumultuous and cathartic climax.