Top Tracks: Dan Zimmerman – Carry You

It’s tracks like this one which make my job incredibly difficult. Even if I was the greatest writer in the English-speaking world, there’d still be songs where my commentary adds very little. The best words I could muster would always be a mere distraction next to ‘Carry You’, as the only words that matter here are those of Dan Zimmerman. Set against a backdrop of elegant piano and sumptuous strings, ‘Carry You’ details the loss of a close friend who died from cancer. Anyone who’s known loss will find something that feels all too familiar in this exploration of grief; the sense of disbelief that refuses to fade, feeling completely lost and aimless, reflecting on all the ways they left a mark on your life and the fond memories you’ll cherish forever, all the pain, anger and emptiness left in their absence. But as familiar as it all feels, no two instances of grief are ever the same. Everyone we lose leaves behind a different void in their wake, and we each of us are left to deal with it in our own way. This tale of loss is one that only Dan Zimmerman can tell, and he does so with the utmost grace, sincerity and tenderness.