Spotlight!: Kitty Perrin

It feels like far too long since I’ve wholeheartedly promoted a new artist and sung their praises to the world – you know, the whole reason this blog exists in the first place. For whatever reason it’s become harder to find new music that excites me. So much out there just feels too familiar; scores of talented artists drawing from the same inspirations and chasing the same trends only to inevitably arrive at much the same destination. It’s hard for an act to stand out from the crowd, and even harder for me to put a finger on a way for them to do so. After all, it would be too much to reasonably expect every act to continually put out something new and unique, right? But in listening to the debut EP from Kitty Perrin, the answer suddenly reveals itself. Each of us is already unique; we all face our own trials and triumphs, viewed through our own perspective. Every artist has a story, one only they can tell, but it’s only those special few like Kitty Perrin that manage to so resoundingly imprint their identity into their work.

On her debut EP Stick It Out, this Norwich based singer/songwriter instils an entirely different kind of familiarity. Whether through her conversational lyricism full of personal anecdotes offering a window into her life experiences, or her willingness to look inward to both address her own faults and find her own inner strength, there’s a real sense of getting to know Kitty imbued in her music. The tender yet defiant  ‘Nothing Bad About Me’ sees her rail against a controlling partner and the unrealistic expectations they impose, while break-up ballad ‘The Escapist’ explores the realisation that you may sometimes rewrite history in order to shift the blame and avoid responsibility after a relationship falls apart, no matter how badly the other person handled it. There’s so much strength and maturity to her work – having the courage to stand up for yourself, to admit your mistakes, and to share your true self with the world, all feel like hallmarks of her songwriting style. Whether in the simple fingerpicked folk of the title track, or backed by a lush slow-burning arrangement like the one on ‘Superheroes’, there’s no escaping or hiding the unique character she brings to the table. 

Fans of Self Esteem, Laura Marling and Kate Nash should check out Kitty’s delightful debut EP Stick it Out